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It’s Christmas time at Costco

I was at Costco the other day and, without the aid of Christmas music, it became abundantly clear to me that it was time for holiday shopping. So naturally, I started picking things out for me.

There was a red 49ers sweatshirt for $40. So naturally, I called my mom and told her what “someone could get me for Christmas.” Naturally, my mom runs to her Costco the next day to buy my present, but they aren’t carrying the same sweatshirt.

Mom calls me and says, “So they don’t have the sweatshirt here, but if you want to pick it up at your Costco, I’ll pay you back.”


“Mom, you want me to pick up my own Christmas present for you to give me?”

My mom laughs and says, “Ahhhh, yeah. I guess so.”

So, if anyone ELSE is wondering what to get me for Christmas, the Mountain View Costco has 49ers sweatshirts. Might as well pick up some wrapping paper and ornaments while you’re there.


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