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Photo 30 and 365 projects

I’m foolishly ambitious this year. I took on two photo projects when I rarely finish one.

This month, I’m going to attempt to finish something I started with my friend Christine over at Arte Di Stine. It’s a 30-day photo challenge in which you take a photo of something different every day. The subjects are vague, allowing you to interpret it anyway you chose. It’s main goal is to get you in the habit of taking photos, carrying your camera with you and attempting to see everyday things from a different perspective. Here’s the plan:

My other project is a year-long personal photos session. I take a photo of myself everyday for a year. Life goes by so fast and sometimes you don’t take the time to notice the little changes in yourself and the places around you. One snap of me, each day, for 366 days (it’s a leap year).

Here are some examples of the self-portrait idea. The first guy did it for 10 years!


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