Cloudy With A Chance Of Storm

My forecast for life. Be ready to jump in puddles.

Resolution: Make ’em

After  years ignoring the tradition, I’ve decided to make a few resolutions for 2012. I’m doing it mostly because I think it’s practical and helpful. I’ve lost the ideals of my youth that had me thinking a few lines on paper would make me a better person. Maybe it’s completely selfish, but I’m not too interested in being a better person right now. I just want to prove to myself that I can keep a blog for a year, lose weight and start investing – even if all I can afford is penny stocks.
I think not making resolutions is either a side of effect of being too lazy or being an amazing over-achiever who gets things done all the time regardless of resolutions. The way I see it is that I’ve been lazy for a number of years and the only way I’m going to achieve anything is to have goals and stick to them.
So with no further ado … my 2012 resolutions. Feel free to harass me, encourage me or pull me aside with a few stock tips.
1) Lose weight. Yeah, I said it out loud. It’s always been a goal, but this year there is a friend’s wedding in Hawaii and, wait for it, I’m a bridesmaid in a wedding this summer. We’re wearing purple. I don’t want be forever looked at in photos as the purple grape girl. 50 lbs is a good start. And I’m going to meet this goal by regular trips to the gym and participating in one 5k each month of 2012. A little something to keep me motivated.
2) Blog. It’s more than just writing. And it’s more than just writing to see if people read my stuff. It is a practice in self-discipline, something I’ve always been bad at but especially so since stepping away from jobs that demanded it. So I’m going to regularly blog in two places. Here, where you’ll find some personal stuff about my journey this year. And at, where I’ll be cooking up some creations about my adventures in the kitchen. Input is greatly welcomed.
3) Investing. Because at my ripe old age, it seems silly not to. I finally have steady flow of money into my 401(k), now I want to diversify, baby!

That’s it. Simple as 1,2,3, right?


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